Thu 11 August 2016 by kroche in Meta

Things looked odd without any posts, so I decided to inaugurate the blog with a charter of sorts instead of leaving it empty for a week or two before I post about what I’ve been working on.

Functions of this blog:

  1. As an exercise in writing. Regardless of readership, it’s important to me that I be able to describe my work in both general and technical terms. Doing this on a regular basis allows me to describe it more accurately and succinctly.

  2. As a commitment to the documentation of my work, which is also a commitment to the work itself. Publishing this documentation in the form of a blog makes it more difficult to procrastinate.

  3. As a learning tool for others. I sincerely hope that this blog serves as a resource for those who aim to expand their knowledge.

Stay tuned for some cool stuff.

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